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Call For Local Toronto Artists – Downtown Automotive Group

Call for local Toronto artists interested in being featured in the Riverside Square development.

Call for local Toronto artists. DAG Auto Complex

Downtown Automotive Group (DAG) is looking for local artists to showcase art on the walls of their new 7-brand AutoCampus, located in the Riverside Square development. To find the perfect matches DAG is announcing an Art Contest. Read on for further information! The deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2018.


Find 7 local Toronto artists to showcase their art on the walls of the new Downtown Automotive Group facility (AutoCampus).


Comprised of 7 individual automotive brands under one roof located at Queen Street East and East Don Roadway. The Downtown Automotive Group, in partnership with Streetcar Developments, is creating a first-of-its-kind automotive retail environment. With the Infiniti, Nissan, Hyundai, Genesis, Ford, Lincoln, and Toyota brands all being represented in the new complex, consumers will have a seamless and elevated experience whether purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle.


The AutoCampus is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in Spring of 2019. Upon completion, DAG will be hosting a grand opening party at which point the chosen 7 local Toronto artists will be recognized.


Contestants must submit one 24×36 painting that best illustrates their style of work. DAG is looking for a variety of styles that include but are not limited to Abstract, Graffiti, Realism and Modernism. An artist introduction, brief explanation as to what inspired the piece of art and social media link is strongly encouraged. The deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2018. Only those selected will be contacted, but thank you to all for entering.


Each chosen artist will have the opportunity to showcase 7 paintings for one year in addition to being recognized at our large scale grand opening party. Every painting will be accompanied by a contact card with YOUR name on it for interested buyers.


Submissions are to be in form of high resolution photograph and sent to Nikki McCoy at

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Leslieville Night Market

The Leslieville Night Market is Saturday, July 28, 2018. From 5 P.M. – 10 P.M. take in the sights, sounds, delights, and tastes of Leslieville in Jonathan Ashbridge Park!

Leslieville Night Market

Here’s more info from the Leslieville Night Market Facebook event page & Leslieville Market site:



Pay What You Can – Proceeds go to supporting The Leslieville Farmers’ Market.


Ascari Enoteca, Peranakan Plates, Island Oysters, Bespoke Butchers, 6ix Triangles, Holy Husk, House of Empanadas, Eastbound Brewery, and more!

+ Laksa and Gado Gado – Peranakan Plates
+ Chickpea Pasta with zucchini, chard, and shiitake mushrooms from Kendal Hills Game Farm (VEGAN) – Moondog Organics
+ Fish tacos – Hooked on the Danforth
+ Garlic and hot italian sausages, made from heritage breed, pasture raised pork – Bespoke Butchers
+ Chicken sausages with sautéed mushrooms and relishes from 578 Bethel Road , Haystrom Farm – Kendal Hills Game Farm
+ Marinated chicken heart skewers with shiitake mushrooms – Kendal Hills Game Farm
+ Roasted corn with chipotle mayo, applewood smoked cheddar and paprika; cob smothered in homemade pesto sauce & parmesan – Holy Husk
+ more!


The Oregano Percussion Band
Watch Alejandro Céspedes and Michelle Colton play a huge variety of instruments as this percussion duo serenades the Night Market with Caribbean, Latin and Pop.

Sugar Brown
Stylish blues man Sugar Brown will be bringing his guitar chops and his unique, crunchy style of Blues. He may be channeling Van Morrison.

T. Dot Bangerz Brass (yes, they’re back!!!)
Back by popular demand, the infamous Toronto hip-hop brass troop will be bringing in the night. This is a performance you don’t want to miss.

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M’eat is Leslieville’s new restaurant and butcher shop

Meet, M’eat! M’eat is Leslieville’s (Riverside’s) new combination restaurant and butcher shop. Residing at 806 Queen Street East, it’s nestled in perfectly among a couple other food gems – Tabule and Bonjour Brioche!

M'eat Leslieville butcher shop and restaurant

Here’s what Toronto Life had to say:


The food

Cameron Nelson moved to Toronto from rural Alberta 20 years ago. While he’s mostly adjusted, the farm boy felt the city was missing a place for great steak in an unpretentious atmosphere. He’s bringing in one animal at a time from a farm in Gowanstown (where each cow has two acres of land and a diet of grass and fruit rinds from the Sun-Kissed factory) and breaking them down in-house.


Lunchtime at M’eat

Lunchtime sees a simple menu of sandwiches, burgers and steak frites that come in a variety of cuts. As Nelson is only working with one cow at a time, cuts will depend on availability. The dinner menu (which is surprisingly vegetarian friendly) also features an oyster-less raw bar that includes three versions of raw beef plates from around the world: a tataki, a carpaccio and a tartare. The exact preparation of each will change regularly, dictated by what’s in season.


The drinks

Since Nelson will be doing a lot of meal prep behind the bar, he wanted a concise menu of easy-to-pour drinks that he could make in between primping plates. This translates to beer, wine and whisky. The beers are all hyper-local (Godspeed, Muddy York) and the whiskeys partly local (Gooderham & Worts, Crown Royal and Bowmore), while the wines are international, most of them Old World options.


The space

Cameron’s built a few fences in his day, so he took on the bulk of this three-week whirlwind reno. They transformed a moody Japanese bistro into a room with a farmhouse feel by using a ton of barnboard, a few antique tables and a pastoral wallpaper scene. They’re working on a grab-and-go section that will include stocks, demi glace and oven-ready stews and lasagnas. A few Canadian products from small-scale producers (maple syrup, finishing salts, preserves) are also for sale.


M'eat Leslieville tempura battered beans
Tempura-battered green beans served with calamansi ponzu. $10.
M'eat Leslieville cauliflower dish
This cauliflower dish features the cruciferous veggie prepared four different ways: charred, pickled, braised in red wine and raw. It’s dressed with some smoked peach tahini. $14.
M'eat Leslieville corn and shallots
This corn is topped with an herb-olive oil and then rolled in deep-fried shallots and crispy vermicelli. $7.
M'eat Leslieville steak tartare
This hanger steak tartare is made with horseradish Dijon, fried capers and quail yolk. $20.
M'eat Leslieville tataki
This tataki is a rib-eye cut drowned in yuzu ponzu. $20.
M'eat Leslieville tomahwak steak
This tomahawk steak was lightly smoked before hitting the grill, then rested until medium rare. Nelson refuses to cook beef well at M’eat. If well-done your jam, he’ll ask you to order some brisket instead. $70.
M'eat Leslieville menu items
Nelson and the featured tomahawk.
M'eat Leslieville butcher cooler
Shortly after visiting the farm, Cameron committed to buying all 52 of the cattle. The cows are a mix of Black Angus and Black Simmental. Because they’re fed very little corn, the meat is leaner and more flavourful.
M'eat Leslieville butcher block black board menu
The butcher block menu displays the day’s cuts.
M'eat Leslieville menu
There are two menus of hearty sides. One is fully vegan (it’s cheekily titled “Cow’s Trough”). The other menu of sides includes milk and cheese products.



M'eat Leslieville butcher shop and dining area
M'eat Leslieville dining space
M'eat Leslieville hidden back patio
M’eat also has a hidden 24-seat patio out back with an herb garden.
M'eat Leslieville owners
Owners, Cameron Nelson and Danielle Brown

source: toronto life
lead photo: Thurston Olsen Team 

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Leslieville traffic study – public meeting

The City of Toronto is holding its first of two Public Open Houses for a Leslieville traffic study. Information presented will include existing traffic conditions, alternatives being considered and mitigation measures. The second meeting will be scheduled later in the fall of 2018, to present alternative solutions for discussion and feedback.

Leslieville traffic study boundaries Queen Street East to the north, Leslie Street to the east, Lake Shore Boulevard East to the south and McGee Street (Booth Avenue south of Eastern Avenue) to the west.

Details are as follows

Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Time: 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Presentation by the City and IBI Group at 6:00 P.M.
Place: Morse Street Junior Public School
180 Carlaw Avenue
Toronto, ON M4M 2R9

Proposal of Leslieville Traffic Study

IBI Group has been retained by the City of Toronto to undertake the Traffic Management and Mitigation Study within the Leslieville Community. The Leslieville traffic study area is bound by Queen Street East to the north, Leslie Street to the east, Lake Shore Boulevard East to the south and McGee Street (Booth Avenue south of Eastern Avenue) to the west.

The Traffic Management and Mitigation Study will assess the impacts on traffic from development projects on the transportation network within the Leslieville Community, and include associated mitigation measures. Issues that will be explored include:

  • existing traffic conditions and future traffic conditions with proposed development
  • determining if the existing and future transportation system can accommodate additional traffic generated by the proposed development
  • evaluating if road improvements are necessary in addition to those included in the Transportation Master Plan

If you would like to provide The City with your comments, require additional information, or would like to join
the Leslieville traffic study, please contact the Project Manager as noted below. You can also visit the
study website for more information and updates at:

Satbinder Pabla
Project Manager
City of Toronto
Metro Hall
55 John Street, 17th Floor
Toronto, ON M5V 3C6

You may also contact Councillor Paula Fletcher, Ward 30, at 416-392-4060

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Sounds of Leslieville & Riverside Block Party

Do you need a reason to stay in the city this weekend? Well, we have a good one: it’s the Sounds of Leslieville and Riverside Block Party! A free event taking place July 6, 7, and 8 with a mixture of music and vendors. Spend your weekend exploring the neighbourhood while enjoying the sights & sounds of the party and dining in our delicious restaurants and cafes!

Sounds of Leslieville and Riverside Block Party

Friday, July 6th 6 – 10 P.M.

Saturday, July 7th 12 – 10 P.M.

Sunday, July 8th 12 – 6 P.M.

All weekend, check out the SIX band locations running from Broadview Avenue to Carlaw Avenue with the Main Stage in Jimmie Simpson Park.

Saturday: Sidewalk Sale from Booth Avenue to Vancouver Avenue

Sounds of Leslieville & Riverside Music Lineup

Sounds of Leslieville and Riverside Music Line Up

Fri. July 6 6:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Boulton Ave. – Stacey Renee
Degrassi St. – Jenie Thai Band
Saulter St. –  Sol de Cuba
Booth St. – MOKA
Verral Ave. – FoOlish
Morse St. – The Achromatics

Sat. July 7 12:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Boulton Ave. – Old Man Flanagan’s Ghost
Degrassi St. – United Soul
Saulter St. – Quincy Bullen
Booth St. – T.Dot BANGERZ Brass
Verral Ave. – James Valedez
Morse St. – The Rocking Mojos

Sat. July 7 5:00 P.M. –  9:00 P.M.

Boulton Ave. – Stacey Renee
Degrassi St. – Jenie Thai Band
Saulter St. – Sol de Cuba
Booth St. – MOKA
Verral Ave. – FoOlish
Morse St. – The Achromatics

Sun. July 8 1:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Boulton Ave. – Old Man Flanagan’s Ghost
Degrassi St. – United Soul
Saulter St. –Tim Bovaconti and the Enablers
Booth St. – T.Dot BANGERZ Brass
Verral Ave. – James Valedez
Morse St. – Rockin Mojos

See you there!

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