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Rashers Beer and Bacon Night

Beer & Bacon Night By Rasher’s and Wellington @ Riverside Public House
Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Walking up to this Riverside Public House was exciting. The Wellington truck was parked outside and the smell of Rashers sweet and smokey bacon filled the street.

Now that the wine and cheese fad has been popular for a while I can’t help but say that I am getting bored of it so I was very intrigued at the notation of a beer and bacon party. Kudos to Rashers for pushing the innovation envelope and coming up with a unique combination. Combining two things most people love the most… salty bacon and beer.

We started off the evening with a tasting of the signature Arkell Bacon Bitter beer that was created just for this event. A unique process of adding smoked bacon strips to the beer aging process. What do you get when you mix these two things? A beer that has a smokey scent but tastes salty when it hits your lips and leaves an after taste of a light beer.

We were then handed a Trailhead Lager to sip on before Rashers started serving what was about to blow our minds.

First up we had Rashers bacon jam & goat cheese stuffed cremini Mushroom with slow braised bacon on a garlic crostini topped with crispy fried onions & drizzled with a mushroom sauce. This was paired with wellingtons arkell best bitter beer. It was everything it sounds like and more. The goat cheese with the mushroom and bacon and crostini …. Drool. Paired with the bitter beer and it was a perfect match.

Wellington kept serving up samples while Rashers prepared the next course.

Next up we had double breaded extra old aged white cheddar with guacamole wrapped in spicy bacon (and ohhh it was spicy) served with a chipotle aioli with a Rasher bacon pinwheel filled & baked with a sautéed spinach & ricotta cheese mix. This was paired with the special pale ale which was a nice light beer against all the spice. As soon as I read this course I was excited. Cheese, bacon, guac, spice… can’t get better than that. If I thought the first course was good this course surpassed it!

Next up we had Rashers mini hog towns served with rasher brown sauce paired with a country dark ale. The mix of the dark ale and the rasher brown sauce was perfection.

Next we had drunken peach & bacon grilled cheese with extra old aged white cheddar. Since one grilled cheese just won’t cut it on Rashers/ Riverside Public House standards we also had a house made apple chutney & pure maple syrup glazed bacon grilled cheese. All this paired with the iron duke beer.

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly try anything better they brought out the final course… desert!

Get ready for it…. Cheese cake served on a bacon blueberry compote topped with a strip of candied bacon. This course was by far my favourite. To be honest I am not a huge bacon with desert person but Rashers changed me forever! It was perfection.

After devouring possibly the best cheese cake I have ever had I was full to the brim. While we ate they had live music and a comedian. They were hard to hear over all the MMMMM and OHHHHH and WOOOOWWWW’s that filled the room but they were good non the less.

Rashers, Wellington Beer and Riverside Public House sure know how to throw a unique and different party. I am craving more already.
Review By Alicia Sass


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